Cultivating Sovereignty

Cultivating Sovereignty

Cultivating Sovereignty : Fertility, Sex, & Cycles Q&A with Samantha Zipporah

Sovereignty is the ability to possess ultimate power & freedom. Cultivating Sovereignty in our fertility, sex, & cycles is subversive magic & medicine for our times.

In this community curiosity led offering, Samantha Zipporah invites weavers to to bring their Qs regarding fertility, sex, & cycles. We gather & share in service to cultivating sovereignty through body literacy & wisdom sharing. Sam gives from a well of 20+ years of experience & expertise weaving a practical & radical praxis of womb-centric self & community care. In addition to her own “As” to the community’s “Qs”, she will facilitate dialogue & wisdom sharing among the circle.

Sam offers life changing support & education for the following, & more:

Contraception & Conception
*Options counseling including both clinical & holistic approaches
*Physical & energy anatomy education
*Hormonal health education
*Fertility Awareness Method

STI, Vaginal & Vulva Care
*Healing & preventing herpes & HPV
*Healing & preventing yeast, bacterial vaginosis, UTIs, etc

Cycle Support
*Hormonal health
*PMS & menstrual issues such as cramps, scant or excessive flow, moods, & more
*Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Sexuality & Pleasure
*Anatomy re-education, including nervous system, nerves, muscles, tissues, & hormones
*Trauma resiliency
*Communication with self, partner(s), care providers
*Boundaries & desire
*Tao, Tantra, & Kabbalah energy anatomy & practices

Pregnancy: Birth, Miscarriage, & Abortion
*Prenatal & postpartum care
*Childbirth education
*In & out of clinic options counseling for release in abortion & miscarriage

Custom Ritual & Rites of Passage
*Pregnancy release
*Postpartum integration
*Spiritual awakenings & other life transitions

Samantha Zipporah will be offering : Cultivating Sovereignty : Fertility, Sex, & Cycles Q&A