Cultivating Personal Power with Breathwork

Cultivating Personal Power with Breathwork

The breath is the thread of life that anchors us to our existence and is a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious; between the body, mind and spirit. Conscious connected breathing clears blockages and stuck energy from the body, freeing up the life-force and creating more vitality. It can also bring into awareness whatever is going on in the subconscious mind.

Breathwork is a healing modality that empowers the individual to be their own shaman using only the breath and so it a perfect way to create the opportunity for healing, transformation and ultimately a way for people to gain their own power back through a transpersonal experience. Breathwork is powerful because by using your breath alone in a conscious manner, you can literally change your electromagnetic field. Traumatic experiences, beliefs from childhood, even ancestral and past life trauma stored in the body can prevent us from manifesting what we want because they hold their own magnetic energy.

During a cathartic breathwork journey using circular mouth breathing set to music, we will explore whatever comes up individually. Insights will come naturally and are physically integrated. On a physical level we are clearing the body as you intake large doses of oxygen. On a mental, emotional and even spiritual level, you are able to experience feelings, emotions and thoughts on a higher self plane thus resulting in a powerful transformative perspective of past traumas. Rhoda will also be using Reiki during the breathwork to hold the space with love and support.

Afterward the breathwork journey, we will come together in circle and explore our connection to nature and source with each participant willing to share and also learn some breathing exercise tools as ways to connect and align to Mother Earth and Father Sky which can be added to one’s personal practice, leaving each participant empowered as well as refreshed from the cathartic breathwork experience.

Cultivating Personal Power with Breathwork will be shared by Rhoda Lazo Todoran.

Rhoda is a trained Conscious Counselor, Cathartic Breathwork Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner. Since 2002, she has been exploring various methods of healing and self mastery. While living in Australia, she discovered a very potent method of healing: Rebirthing Breathwork. During her training, Rhoda intuitively used her hands during healing sessions and it all came together perfectly when she later became Reiki attuned at Spirit Weavers Gathering.

Rhoda aims to hold space for each individual to connect and align to Divine and Earth energies, arising in heart centered beingness and a guiding source of power in one’s Life.

Rhoda is also an artist and maker of handmade and eco-friendly creations with the messages of Unity Consciousness and the importance of Profound Personal Responsibility which can be found online or in markets around Los Angeles.