Crystal Healing Through The Womb

Crystal Healing Through The Womb

This is crystal healing for the womb. In this class we will cover how crystals are living Beings; that by seeing and honoring crystals as alive this changes how we interact with them. I will share how to cleanse, charge, (ask to) program and more deeply understand crystals – the basics of crystal healing therapy. I’ll also share the details of slow crystal sourcing and how important it is to know the source of the crystals we purchase. We will then explore how the womb has consciousness for us to connect and commune with. Like crystals, when we cleanse, charge and (ask permission to) program/set an intention into our womb this taps us into our life-force energy.

We will cover yoni eggs, yoni wands and how to use Yoni Crystals internally and externally.

Following with a guided womb crystal healing meditation focusing on our sovereignty and our ability to heal ourselves. During this meditation we will be invited to work with their own crystals or may use one from the crystal alter provided. In this meditation crystals will only be used externally.

This class is offered to all individuals who identify as women. A womb is not required for this class. The word womb may be replaced with 2nd chakra/sacral energy.

No fee. Crystals available to practice with if needed. Yoni Crystals will be offered for sale as well.


Crystal Healing Through The Womb will be shared by Chelsey Sue Lehl.