Crescent Moon Wreath

Crescent Moon Wreath


Working with dried flowers, foliage, and seed pods, we will create a floral art piece in the shape of our sacred symbol, the moon.

We will use only natural materials, grown in this bioregion. I cultivated each plant from seed in my garden and lovingly preserved each stem, honoring nature’s beauty and abundance. The drying of flowers is a way of slowing down, taking time to connect with plants and appreciating the process of decay and death. In this way, we enrich our lives with the true beauty of nature’s cycles.

As you explore each plant, you might notice how a poppy pod resembles a womb or how a zinnia has rich layers of multicolored petals or you might be amused by the rustling sound of flax seed pods.

Let the plants speak to you and gather bundles of your favorites. With demonstration and guidance, you will wrap each small bundle with wire onto a semicircle frame. We will continue this process of bundling and wrapping until you have a crescent moon made of flowers. This will be yours to take home to adorn your hearth or gifted to a loved one.

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers last a very long time. Over time, the colors will fade to neutral tones. It can be very satisfying to watch your dried flowers age, and witness natural elements like light and time take a hand in creating a unique work of art.

Crescent Moon Wreath will be shared by Ann Nguyen