Create Your Own Dream Journal

Let’s make space to explore our dreams.

Laura Whipple’s Dream Journal making class combines the art of collage with the infinite creative possibilities of a blank notebook, with the goal of creating more space in your life to pay closer attention to your dreams. Students (including youth aged 7 and up) are invited to cut pictures and text from magazines and newspapers, use clippings of decorative paper, and create their own illustrations which are then assembled using collage technique on the covers of the notebooks. This hands-on class will be a joyful opportunity to explore juxtaposition, composition, color, and individual preference as the students create their own personalized Dream Journals. We’ll also discuss the history of collage, what is happening in our brains when we dream, and the power of tapping into your intuition through the practice of dream journaling.

Create Your Own Dream Journal will be shared by Laura Whipple