Corn Husk Doll Making

Äni and Tatiana will be guiding traditional doll making. Together we will set the space to embark in creating Corn Husk Doll. We will share the history of corn, dolls, and purpose . Transitioning into maize songs of our native tongue. And story time, of the corn creation tale and “faceless doll’ . And touch on the education,of our people. Sharing this process for the attendees is ceremony to experience, Coming into the space with intentions, respect and open hearts.

During our sacred space we will then will build them with intentions, and herb bundles placed inside or attached to Corn Dolls.

Dressing them in adornments and fabrics will bring them to “life”. Coming to our completion in this process we will bring oursacred space to a close with a song and prayer.

May these dolls bless the hearts of the womxn attending.