Corinne Loperfido

Corinne is a true Renaissance woman who has always been driven to break boundaries and transcend social norms. Whether she’s making wearable art or producing an event, she lives to give people an eye-opening experience of new possibilities. She created Pussy Power House in 2017 to host events and interactive art installations with and for other women. It is an ever expanding community of educators, healers, artists, and activists who have joined forces to promote self-love and personal expression by facilitating mindful events, workshop, and group art projects focused on women’s empowerment and environmental issues.

Whether it’s through jewelry design + wearable art, radically inclusive events, or one on one services as a personal stylist or creative director, her goal is to help people overcome familial or societal guilt and shame so that they can live a life of empowered self-expression. Corinne believes that the reclaiming of our personal power through body literacy and self love is a political act, and one that we should all engage in every single day.

She currently lives nomadically and travels the US in her van producing events, and is most frequently found in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Her motto comes from RuPaul : “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”
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Corinne will be sharing Self Love Ritual, Zero Waste and facilitating the Pussy Power House