In all of us lies an ocean of wisdom and an immensity of depth. Each of us innately know this to be true yet at time we can feel so distant from our guiding internal forces or stuck in the thick mud of despair an unable to decipher which way to turn. At times we may feel in the ‘flow’ and incredibly awakened to our senses and our visceral connection to all of life. What do we make of all of this? How do we navigate the natural turbulence that life inevitably brings and make meaning and create healing for ourselves? Is there any value to being stuck or uncertain?

From the lens of Jungian and Depth psychology, each one of us carries an innate healing capacity with in us and it is through tracking the metaphorical language of the soul that we discover these healing forces within us. When we are able to compliment the solar energies of waking ego-consciousness with the rejuvenating lunar energies of the unconscious aspects of our being, we integrate into our living, breathing, wholeness.

Together we will explore the practices of dream interpretation, understanding the autonomous images of fantasies and daydreams, listening to soul metaphor expressed through the body, and the essential practice of awakening to the medicine in our symptoms.

Please bring a journal.


Healing the Psyche will be shared by Vida Hofweber.