Conscious Conception, And the Unknowns of Motherhood.

Conscious Conception, And the Unknowns of Motherhood.

Throughout Sara Brody’s time as a doula and while she assisted midwives, she noticed that new expecting families often felt a great sense of overwhelm.

All the physical and emotional changes that can arise during pregnancy are often exasperated when we’re not properly prepared and empowered. On top of this, there’s the anticipation of the major lifestyle change that’s about to occur. However exciting, there can be parts of ourselves that we immediately lose as new mothers, with no time to mourn these losses because we’re needed full-time to take care of our newborns.

After seeing this strained transition into motherhood time and time again, it became really clear to Sara how valuable it would be to help those prepare, not just during pregnancy, but before conception occurs, when they have more availability to explore who they are and what kind of mother they aspire to be.

The offering will focus on consciously preparing the mind and body for those calling in motherhood and would like to be supported for this unknown transition physically, emotionally, and in lifestyle. During the class, sacred space and time will be created to truly celebrate and mourn maidenhood and prepare for motherhood, creating your foundation for conscious conception.

The class will be divided into three parts:

Part One: Reproductive Emotional Space

This part will dive into a deeper understanding of how reproductive health is connected to the larger emotional and spiritual being. It is an important part of conscious conception to open the channels of the womb space by beginning to work through or confronting any potential traumas that have been housed physically in the womb. This part will include a breakdown of how the menstrual cycle works, what are the primary fertility signs, ways to support your body’s fertility, guided somatic meditation opening the channel into the womb space, and discussing the sacredness of the womb.

Part Two: Mourning the Maiden
For this section of the class, Sara will present what she believes are the 4 pillars of maidenhood, which are crucial in understanding conscious conception. These pillars are: the wild one, the wanderer, the child within, and the inner mother.

Part Three: The relationship with mother & partner

The final part of this course will offer guidance and self-exploration exercises about relationships with both your mother and any potential partner. Plan to explore the relationship with your own mother. Whether you currently have a deep relationship with her, or none at all, understanding who your mother is/was and how she has impacted your life is crucial in moving forward, towards the goal of conscious conception.

The second relationship that will be examined is the relationship with a partner. The goal is to help you understand and conceptualize what a partner’s role is in all of this work and examine deeply the elements of any existing current partnerships and help identify ways to prepare both people for conscious conception.

Conscious Conception, Preparing for the Unknowns of Motherhood will be shared by Sara Brody.