Colleen Baxter

Colleen Baxter of ‘Vessel and Soul’ is a Functional Medicine women’s health and wellness coach, With her deep love and connection with nature and over 11 years studying and working in Nutrition, Integrative and Functional Medicine, she weaves the latest science with the wisdom of nature and power of our intuition. Specializing in getting to the deeper roots of dis-ease such as chronic digestive issues, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, low mood and energy, this work is her heart turned to form. Innately uncovering the strengths and beauty in all she meets, she guides and supports her clients through their challenges and blocks, and helps them create a lifestyle that invites greater healing, gratitude, a more vibrant being and purpose.

Colleen lives with her twinflame, two golden pups, and the wild ravens in Topanga. She coaches clients at her serene @redrockretreat and over phone/Skype/Zoom, and she also hosts small women’s circles, guided meditative hikes, and wellness workshops, You can find her @vesselandsoul and

“Tending to our own health of body and mind is one of the greatest acts of service we can offer to those we love, our community, and the earth. It is when we are thriving that we can truly shine and inspire more light in this world.” CB


Colleen will be sharing Culturing Your Vessel and Soul