Chloe Skerlak

Chloe Skerlak

Chloe Skerlak didn’t always listen to her body, embrace her femininity and fertility, and live in harmony with her menstrual cycle. This came with many years of finger testing her cervical mucus, taking her temperature in the morning, and getting up close and personal with her cervix.

Since rediscovering herself and her body through fertility awareness charting, Chloe is eager to help women reconnect with their body by offering online fertility awareness education. She is trained as a Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and certified with the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals.

Some of her favourite things are full moon bathing, ecstatic dancing, and nourishing her plants with her menstrual blood.

She is excited to share her newest endeavour with you — the art of cervix photography!

Connect with Chloe on instagram @chloeskerlak and her website

Chloe is hosting the Cervix Portrait Party!