Chelsey Sue Lehl

Chelsey Sue Lehl

Chelsey is a women’s health advocate, educator, writer, empath, certified crystal therapist and crystal guardian trained in the lineage of Melody — author of Love Is In The Earth. She loves crystals and sees them as living beings.

Through her womb-wellness journey of studying crystals and learning self-love tantra practices she purified her trauma experiences and awakened to her own Beauty Wisdom. Just as the crystals carry beauty and wisdom, she discovered hers and chooses to walk The Beauty Path. This is the Cherokee path of right action, with consideration for future generations.

From this Yoni Crystals was conceived. Chelsey’s heart-and-soul mission is to support women to open to the sacred sexual wisdom of their bodies with the highest quality crystals she can source. She is a pioneer in the slow crystal sourcing movement, focusing on sustainable mining, critical environmental awareness and the ethical treatment of miners. Sourcing only from mines that never use chemicals or explosives in the excavation, mining and lapidary processes.

Chelsey’s passion is in women’s circles and intimate spaces where women commune because, in her own words, “When women are empowered to pursue their purpose & pleasure the world lights up.” Her most recent project The Magdalene Transmission Series was held in Bali last year and will continue in May 2019.

She resides half of the year in Ubud, Bali. When not in Indonesia she is in California or in Colorado with her family.

Visit www.YoniCrystals.Love

Chelsey Sue Lehl will be sharing Yoni Crystals + Spirit Forks and Crystal Healing Through The Womb.