Chakra Feminism

Chakra Feminism

This class will introduce and provide an embodied learning experience of the 7 chakra system through a feminist, anti-patriarchal lens. It is curious about dismantling what we’ve been conditioned to believe about our own intelligence and drops us into a realm of sensation in which we relearn to trust our innate wisdom.

The flow of the class will begin with a guided meditation to drop in and open our bodies and chakras to the information shared in the circle. Then, we will:
– Review the spiritual history and origins of chakra medicine, the science behind them, and their locations in the body.
– Learn how to read chakras in our bodies and on others, and feel into what it means to consider each chakra as a source of embodied information and healing.
– Discuss how women’s wisdom has been suppressed by the patriarchy, and the generational trauma that has conditioned women to separate themselves from their bodies and the earth.

Breaking into small groups, we’ll share and discuss the sensations and information that arise when we tap into what has been stored in our chakras, and what comes through from spirit when these channels are open.

We will end with a closing meditation to acknowledge and release some of the grief associated with systemic oppression, as well as ground us and prepare us to reintegrate with the gathering.

My knowledge and perspective on the chakras are informed by my personal and professional experiences a queer reiki healer and feminist. I am deeply grateful for and excited by the opportunity to bring this conversation to Spirit Weavers and learn and heal with a group of such potent women!

Chakra Feminism will be shared by Sophie Leininger.