Chakra Energy Healing with Ann Wheeler

90 Min Chakra Energy Healing Sessions

These sessions are designed to help you release negative emotions, memories and unwanted habits. Together we’ll activate a LIGHTER & BRIGHTER You! Chakra Energy Healing Sessions open your energy blockages & support you in achieving optimal health. Utilizing effective & empowering physical practices, ancient meridian energy principles and western neuroscience, this healing modality promotes inner & outer balance. This year at Spirit Weavers, gift yourself greater insight into your own natural healing system & true nature!

Ann WheelerTen years ago, Ann was diagnosed with Graves disease. Consulting with her Dr. led to a life of medication and almost the loss of her thyroid. She had no energy, anxiety, insomnia, depression, severe weight loss & an out of balanced heart beat. She realized that if she created this illness why couldn’t she also be the one to heal it? So one day, she left her doctor’s office knowing she wouldn’t be following their advice anymore. She began a new journey of self-care & self-reflection. She opened herself fully to healing her body, mind & spirit. For 3 years she tried different holistic health modalities, but it was the body and brain yoga/tai chi method that connected all the dots for her. Within 3 months of this practice she fully healed her condition and had more vitality and inner awareness then ever before. This inspired her to successfully heal her son of epilepsy & become a body and brain energy healer. Now she owns and operates her own body and brain center in Northern New Jersey. Health, happiness and peace are created within. You too can be the owner of your body and brain for the completion of your soul. It would be her honor and JOY to support your awakening along the way.