Cervix Portrait Party

Cervix Portrait Party

“The cervix is one of the most powerful portions of a female body. It is also one of the most vulnerable and ignored.”
~ Denell Nawrocki, Cervical Wellness

Do you want to see your cervix?

It took Chloe over 30 years and countless Pap Tests before a nurse at an STI clinic asked if she wanted to see her cervix. She squealed, “YES, PLEASE”, and when the nurse held up the hand mirror and she saw that beautiful, wet, pink, little donut, she knew she had to offer opportunities for more women to experience this. Hence the Cervix Portrait Party was born.

This is a party for women who want to learn more about their cervix, practice how to do a self-cervical examination, and to have a portrait of their cervix taken!

During the party, we’ll share experiences with our cervix and discuss the anatomy and physiology of the cervix, the differences between a healthy and unhealthy cervix, and even how to eat for your cervix! Following a demonstration, everyone will be given their own reusable, plastic speculum, hand mirror, and flashlight to practice doing their self-cervical examination. Chloe will then offer to take a photo of your cervix or coach you how to take it yourself. She’ll email you the photo and you’ll get to take the speculum home to do it again and again!

Say, “Cervical Mucus!”

Chloe Skerlak will be sharing the Cervix Portrait Party.