Celebrate Oak Trees!

You will be camping under many gorgeous oak trees. Are you ready to greet and honor these majestic elders? Join clinical herbalist and homesteader Deb Lukas as we use our senses to examine the trees- the bark, leaves, flowers and fruits (and imagine the roots). Observe and appreciate the many connections this tree has with its neighbors- insects, plants and critters. Bring a journal or sketch pad if you like! If weather allows, we will sit at the base of the oaks and crack, grind and leach the acorns (gathered last fall) to prepare/eat during part 2. We will also discuss how humans can protect the oak. Open yourself to establishing or deepening your relationship with these beloved trees.

We will meet again (Part 2 ) to gather leaves and stems (maybe galls if present) and brew tea while we discuss/demonstrate external applications, gargles, and internal uses. We will also cook up the leached acorns from the first class.


Celebrate Oak Trees will be shared by Deb Lukas