Cassandra Boraiko

I’m a farming fermentress / microbe & herb nerd ~ mostly self-taught over the years via books, experimentation, and a developing intuition. I am certified in Permaculture Design and earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin, though my most valued lessons come from interacting with the earth. I avidly study soil, herbalism, fungi, fermentation, ecology, etc and live in the forest where I am blessed to receive and integrate lessons from Mama Earth. Courses in Microscopy and Korean Natural Farming have further inspired a bubbling love of brewing up probiotic vitality in its many expressions and applications. It is a deep passion of mine to grow/gather potent plants (and fungi!) and transform them into delectable living nourishment for humans and plants alike, with the help of our beloved microbes. As women, it is our birthright to rediscover this work of herbal brewing, as it has traditionally been our role for thousands of years across lands and cultures.


Cassandra will be offering Wild Herbal Brewing.