Soul Reading with Carina Barros

Soul Reading with Carina Barros

Carina is a multi-task artist, combining the art of observing the inside and the outside and how they interconnect. She was born in Brazil but consider herself a world citizen.
Fully inspired by nature, she is a life swimmer, a light player.
Her work as intuitive healer integrates ThetaHealing®️, Reiki, Aura and Akashic Record readings.

In addition to her healing art, she has an extensive experience in the audiovisual field as a photographer and cinematographer and is currently intertwining both of these mediums into “Wild Soul Wild Body”.

“Wild Soul Wild Body” is a documentary series that investigates how different types of people perceive their souls within their physical bodies. It’s a product of my love for Yoga and studies about consciousness and the relationship between emotions and the body.

“Through my body I am able to be a messenger between heaven and earth and fulfill the purpose of serving the light, the unity, and planetary evolution.
To serve as a channel of unconditional love and help people find their own way of bringing joy, fulfilment and healing into their lives.”

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A soul reading is a love meeting of you and your soul!
In the sessions I combine some techniques like ThetaHealing®️, Reiki, Aura and Akashic Record readings which include energy and physical balance.

As we receive and decode messages from the aura we are able to understand and resolve challenges in the present moment, reconnect to our empowerment, self love, forgiveness, self compassion.

Sessions may include releasing emotions such as trauma, fear, resentment, limiting beliefs and feelings. These emotions can limit the person from attaining their higher potential, the manifestation of their dreams, a feeling of abundance and unconditional love, expansion of consciousness, and more.

On this journey I invite you to embrace all the power of creation that is already inside you!