Cannabis & Healing

Cannabis & Healing explores the materia medica of the Cannabis genus, considering both hemp and THC containing species. We will explore who she is as a plant ally, her noted use throughout history, and how to utilize her healing powers within various legal limitations.

We will dive deep into the scientific research behind Cannabis’ medicine, exploring the purpose of our own body’s Endocannabinoid System, how it works, and how we can supplement it. We will cover cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plants, the importance of terpenes, and why full spectrum medicine is so important.

Crafting with Cannabis is much like crafting with any other herb once you learn a few tips and tricks. We’ll cover the decarboxylation process and how to manipulate plant matter to achieve multiple cannabinoids. We’ll look at working with concentrates, and how to utilize commonly known plants to reintroduce terpene profiles that encourage the entourage effect. In the end, students will walk away with a thorough understanding of Cannabis medicine, and how to utilize her medicine in their own apothecary.

Cannabis & Healing will be shared by Lisa Preuninger