Butter Knife Carving

Butter Knife Carving

Traditional European woodwork was accomplished with hand tools, green wood (wood that is still wet), and knowledge of craft & woodland care passed down through generations.

During this one session class you will learn the basics of Greenwood carving techniques and design.
From tree to butter knife! We will be working with freshly harvested greenwood (wood that is still wet). No carving experience needed.

This course is a great introduction or taster for those wanting to explore carving. We will touch on purchasing appropriate tools and sourcing wood. We hope as well as to spark interest in all the available crafts with green wood.

All the raw materials and tools are provided. Tools will also be available for purchase.

NOTE: Students should be prepared for a class that requires hand and arm strength.


Butter Knife Carving will be offered by Raleigh Campbell.