Brittany Leigh Mason

Brittany is a Clinical Herbalist and thyroid cancer butt kicker. She weaves herbalism, poetry, science and metaphysics into her healing work. She believes that every health challenge that you are given is a window into a deeper more profound understanding into your multi dimensional healing path. Brittany was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about 10 years ago which unfortunately led her to getting her thyroid removed at age 18. With western doctors not having the knowledge and wisdom to help her truly heal from a myriad of mental, physical and emotional issues she sent out on a deeply powerful self healing journey into potent wild places in nature and within her soul. Over the years Brittany has immersed herself in ancient and modern practices that have a more holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and soul such as regenerative farming, ethical wild crafting, botany, herbalism, ayurveda, and the metaphysical arts. One subject that has guided and inspired her throughout her practice in herbalism is the important role of the Thyroid and the endocrine system, as it effects herself and millions daily.
Currently Brittany is nestled in the Northern California foothills tending to wild hearts with her small batch herbal medicine business Wild Eyed Botanicals.
Brittany will be sharing Breaking through the chrysalis: Healing the multi dimensional Thyroid