Brette Howard

I was born in a Montana blizzard, by way of a lazy boy recliner, & raised by two musician parents in the thick of the Seattle 90’s grunge scene. I moved to LA 15 years ago to study business and production but have called SF home for the past 13 years. I pride myself in my ability to adapt and communicate with almost anyone and credit those skills to growing up at the Oregon Country Fair and both front/back of house in some of the best bars, restaurants and retail on the west coast. I have been surrounded by hard working creatives my whole life and consider myself a connector. The California mountains, desserts and rivers have held me all these years as I’ve been cultivating a rich community for myself and family. I currently live in North Beach, SF with my partner John, our 5 year old daughter Simonne and SisterWife Kat because it takes a village. I have been working as @BeTheFair for the past 4 years on brand development/identity & event production. Im looking forward to meeting all of you.


Brette Howard will be sharing RECLAIMING YOUR LIMELIGHT