BREAST LOVE- lymphatic health and our breasts

BREAST LOVE- lymphatic health and our breasts

The Areola Presents “BREAST LOVE” lymphatic health and our breasts. w/ Abigail Hinds

This skillshare is all about loving our breasts and learning how to care for them. Our breasts are a powerhouse center of our lymphatic system that play a key role in the overall health and resiliency of our whole body. They also lay right over our pulsing, sensing hearts, and respond to all that moves through these channels.

Yet so often they are neglected, congested, stuffed away in bras, and simply do not receive the care and nourishment they need. There can be so much fear around touching our breasts and what we may find.

We will be learning how to tend to this wild mountainous terrain of our bodies. How to give our breasts the care they need to stay healthy and flowing, activated and attuned. From the practical tools to the mystical realms, we will touch on many dimensions of breast health and what it means to become stewards of the rivers of life that flow through our chests.

Breast Love will be shared by Abigail Hinds

IG: @whalewombweaving