Brea Poetry of the Body Qigong

Brea Poetry of the Body Qigong

Personal Medicine Qigong for Mystics, Seekers, Intuitives, Witches, Artists, and the Poetic Soul

In Qigong we move in a flow that opens up lines of communication with the parts of ourselves that need attention, care, and love. We move the body like a poem, uncovering truths not through the rhythm of words and sound, but with the pulse of sensation and silence.

The body speaks a language without words; it imparts its messages by way of sensation. To hear them, first we must quiet ourselves, and move slow. Gathering together, in the safety and nourishing cushion of the earth’s poetry—the trees and rocks and waters, with the insects, birds, and clouds as witnesses, we’ll move like star swimmers and deep sea dancers, in the ways that the body knows inherently—for Qigong is an ancient practice. It reaches deeply into the threads that make us—the meridians and the energy centers are cleansed, cleared, stimulated, activated, and attuned to the messages of the forms we practice.

This class is intimate and deliberately so—you can think of it as a kind of group private lesson. Before we move, you’ll have space to share with words (or simply vibration if you choose to remain silent) the parts of you that want to be heard, moved, made into medicine. We’ll choose a form that speaks to your personal medicine, your elixir for whatever it is that you need. Each form named in the circle will arise in our practice; these forms will create our Qigong set for the session, and every woman present is nourished by the unique combination of Qigong forms.

Poetry of the Body Qigong will be offered by Brea Fisher.

With over 11 years experience, Brea Fisher is the founder of Kwan Yin Kung Fu, offering Qigong, Taiji, Sword, and Gongfu (Kung Fu) as a practice in honoring, cleansing and replenishing, as well as communicating with and being guided by the body (Jing), mind (Qi), and spirit (Shen). Through the ancient Chinese Martial and Internal Arts, Brea combines her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yang Theory, and Five Element Theory to teach forms given to her by Gongfu Master Sing Chui, of the Eagle Claw Turning Style (Ying Zhao Fan Zi Men).

As an artist, Brea combines the visual arts with the Chinese martial and internal arts. Her Everyday Gongfu Films have been shared faithfully every single day as part of an online documentation of a daily practice project nearly two years in the making. In these 30-60 second clips, as well as in her longer, more in-depth Lesson Films, she combines landscape photography with Qi cultivating movement. Brea is a student of and advocate for the natural world, and her films reflect that, as each is set in serene, natural, and remote landscapes.

Based in Northern New Mexico, Brea teaches regular classes and intensive study immersions at AY^AM Santa Fe. She is available to travel for workshops and immersions, and her online courses for home study can be found at