Bloom Bouquets and Nature Wreaths

Let’s flourish, diving into the art and magic of flowers. In this offering, I will teach two types of floral arrangements: European hand tied bouquets and nature wreaths.

We will start with a floral meditation, sensing the florals, their aromas and awakening our intuitive nature around flowers and their ability to heal. From here, we will learn the language of each flower, the history of it’s origin and care tips. And now, let’s create! I will teach you the in’s and out’s of a hand-tied bouquet.

For the second portion, we will be working with the land. We will explore the origin of a wreath and the symbolism of this circle in relation to the circle of life. We will do a walking meditation, gathering items and connecting with what each chosen accent symbolizes to us. From here, we will create nature wreaths together, with florals and items gathered from our natural surroundings.

Bloom Bouquets and Nature Wreaths will be shared by Gina Baiamonte