Bird and Feather Magic

Bird and Feather Magic – we will be teaching how to process and cure bird wings, feet, and harvest feathers in an honoring way. We will go over the logistic for processing birds, as well as how to care for and keep wings. Logistics include: Safety when picking up dead birds, making an offering and asking permission, step by step processing of the body (depending on how fresh the body is), different ways to preserve, ritual and honoring of the body, and care for different parts harvested. We will go into a meditation for connecting with our intuition and ability to communicate directly with the spirt of the animals through the feathers. Each person will leave with a feather to work with. We will delve into reciprocal honoring relationship with the earth through working with the birds. We will also go into how to work in alliance with the birds for blessings and healing. Much of this work is about reclaiming our intuitive communication and connection with nature, receiving direct answers and guidance through listening and ritual/offering. A foundation is also being in right relation with the earth and giving back to her for all we receive.


Bird and Feather Magic will be offered by Abigail Hinds and Eve Oak.