Bethany Ridenour

Bethany is a teacher and student of ancestral skills. For as long as she can remember she has turned to the trees and animals in the forest for council. She believes strongly in the healing powers of nature, and the strengthening our connection with the natural world can improve our interpersonal relationships and emotional well being. On her own path, she has found that working with her hands and elements of nature brings her the deepest form of healing. Her journey is helping her bridge the gap between humans and nature and bring to light how that relationship can help heal trauma. Bethany has worked with many different natural elements with a strong emphasis on different ways of processing skins (e.g making and using Brain-tan, Bark-tan, rawhide, and furs), earth pigments; and most recently has fallen in love with broom making.


Bethany will be returning to share Broom Making, 

Oil Tanned Salmon Skins, and Painted Rawhide Pouches