Becoming Cyclical

Becoming Cyclical

Becoming Cyclical: Womb & Earth Wisdom

In this class we will explore what it means to live a life that is guided by the cycles of our bodies & the seasons of the earth; Through the lens of the menstrual cycle we will ask what it would mean to embody and follow an innate, creative rhythm.

We are not machines; We are cyclical beings.

We wax and wane like the moon. We die and are reborn like the earth.

For too long we have ignored this cyclical wisdom.

To re-become our cyclical selves is an ancestral technology & somatic intelligence.

Marissa will create a container in which you can discover the true power of living in alignment with the wisdom of nature: honoring the inherent need for rest, release & regeneration. Composting patriarchal beliefs that we must have power over our bodies, the earth, and one another. And re-inhabiting a sense of power-with which is far more elegant, enriching & life-giving.

Becoming Cyclical and Relaxing the Root will be shared by Marissa Correia.