Beading as Medicine

Beadwork has been a part of my life since before I was born, stitched into my first moccasins, my cradle board, and everything in between.
But it wasn’t until I experienced trauma as a young adult that I ran to this hobby and watched it take over my life, in the best way.

.In this class we explore the medicine that can be found in beadwork. We will find its meditative properties while engulfing ourselves in the mindful and mindless practice as well as using the power of intention to weave our wishes into the beads. We will explore a a beading style that will be friendly to all levels (or lack of) of experience and we will consciously put our intention into the piece. Whether it is for us or a loved one, it will hold healing properties beyond the healing process of simply creating it.


Beading as Medicine will be shared by Maybell Reiter