Be your own Health Detective – Chest & Breast Care

Be your own Health Detective – Chest & Breast Care

Chest & Breast Care- Be your own Health Detective

My main objective is to teach you about what your breasts are communicating. How many times have you found a lump and immediately think it means only one thing, cancer? If it is, early detection is everything. In more cases than not, it is a lymph node communicating with us, telling us something is not in balance. If your breasts are not getting enough blood flow they will be cold and tight (icy river water), if they are not receiving enough hydration, they can be fibrous and depleted (dry river bed). If inflammation is present, it is not uncommon to find a cyst (forest fire) and when there is excess fluid trapped in the breasts (dams in the river) it needs to be drained.
In Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is called “Rasa” the river of life. When healthy, The lymph river flows effortlessly to meet the bloodstream at the center of our heart space. This innate flow is considered our highest potential of vitality. Our immune system and lymphatic system are one in the same. The immune system and our hormones utilize the lymphatic river to get where they need to go to support our whole body’s health. When we get symptoms of pain, fatigue, and skin changes, it is our body’s way of telling us we are out of balance. By opening up the flow of our lymphatic system, we allow those built-up imbalances to be processed and removed or assimilated into the body as needed.

This class is designed to teach you how to explore, map, and understand the terrain of your breast tissue. We will cover:
● Lymphatic Immune Systems 101
○ What our lymphatic river looks like and consists of
○ How to assess the lymphatic system through touch
● Massage techniques and investigation of our rivers
○ Use of the Chinese Gua Sha
● How to investigate and track your lymph symptoms
○ Signs of a cancerous lumps verses finding a hard lymphatic node
● Remedies, nutrition and techniques for each individual
○ Includes: handouts and protocols

Education is everything. Together we will be facing our fears without shame or judgment, empowering ourselves through touch and care, and discovering the tools and remedies that work for us as individuals.

Chest & Breast Health will be shared by DeAnna Batdorff
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Lymphatic Specialist, MyBody Education