Bathing With Birches

Sauna isn’t just a bath, it’s an ancient tradition of powerful folk medicine.

In Finnish folk magic it’s the liminal space of both birth & death, yet it also contains all the ordinary life in between them. It’s a vibrant contemporary tradition with ancient roots, and practices honed over thousands of years. Among these healing practices are steam medicine, working with herbs, massage, and healing song. It is a place of sharing, learning, silence, story-telling, folk songs, & ritual work.

The many health benefits of sauna include increased blood & lymph flow, easing of muscle tension, nerve soothing, & nipping colds & flus in the bud, among many others. These benefits are well-researched & acknowledged by health professionals & folk healers alike all over Scandinavia & the Slavic lands.

In this class we will bathe together, heal our bodies, learn sauna lore, give offerings to the Sauna Spirits, sing songs, and practice the practical yet sacred ceremony of bathing with Birches.


Bathing With Birches will be shared by Milla Prince