Basic Buckskin Bags

Learn the basics of sewing with traditional brain-tanned buckskin while you make a gorgeous bag! Cameron Green will teach basic sewing techniques and tricks for sewing with buckskin. Cameron brain-tans all her own deer hides, and loves sharing the magic and alchemy of this beautiful gift from the Deer People.

One of the beautiful things about buckskin is that if we could look back far enough, nearly every one of us would find some ancestor who lived their lives wearing this wonderful garment. Its something we have in common. Getting skins soft was undoubtedly one of the very first arts that ancient humans developed

Stone age peoples, cavemen, and hunter gatherers all over the world had much in common. Soaking hides in brains and pulling them soft seems to be one of them. It was part of the daily life of primitive peoples on every continent. There are accounts of brain and/or smoke tanning by the Zulus of southern Africa (brains), the Chukchee of eastern Russia (liver, urine and smoke), nomadic peoples of Asia (fermented milk, butter, and egg yolk), northern Asia (brains, liver and sour milk,) China (smoke), South America (smoke) and North America (brains, smoke, liver, sweet corn, eggs, pine nuts, yucca root and a whole lot of other things!


Basic Buckskin Bags will be shared by Cameron Green.