Baelyn Elspeth

IMG_7306Baelyn grew up in Los Angeles studying dance from the time she was 4. This affinity with movement provided a doorway into her relationship with spirit, health and the body. She has since journeyed into deeper connections with Self through studying Yoga, Tea and Meditation.

She has been influenced by teachers such as; Tea Master Wu De, Saul David Raye, George Falcon, and Sri Madhuji. In the past few years, her path has evolved toward deepening her relationship to Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine. Whether performing traditional Tea Ceremonies, studying plant medicine, or holding ritual space with Women, for her, all these paths are ways of being a vessel for spirit and consciousness.

Following her intuition thus far has led her from one form of movement to another; from the intensely structured world of Ballet, to the quiet grace of a tea ceremony, or the wild rhythms of the Spiral Dance, Spirit speaks through her in the language of movement. It is a serendipitous occasion then that her newly received tea name, Tien Wu translates to Heavenly Dance.