Backstrap Loom Weaving

Weaving is nearly as old as humanity itself and the backstrap loom has been invented and reinvented by cultures all over the world for all sorts of weaving. From the famously vivid textiles of Guatemala and Peru, to the strip woven kente cloth of Ghana, silk brocades from China, beautiful Hopi woven belts and intricately patterned bands for decoration, utility and ceremony in Scandinavia and the Baltics. And on and on and on!

In this all day workshop we’ll build an elegantly minimal version of this loom that needs little beyond a tree and the weaver herself to create a structure for weaving. You’ll learn simple tapestry weaving techniques that will allow you to create complex designs on this extremely portable loom. We’ll start weaving our own backstraps during class and you’ll leave with the tools, knowledge and materials to finish this project in your own time and continue weaving for a lifetime. I think it is important to mention here that this backstrap weaving class will not offer instruction in any specific cultural traditions, (including my own). Rather the tools and methods we’ll use come from tapestry, cloth and rug weaving techniques shared all over the planet.


Natalie Novak will be sharing Backstrap Loom Weaving, Intuitive Sculpture & Weaving As Meditation.