Ayurvedic Breast Health and Immunity: The River of Life

Ayurvedic Breast Health and Immunity: The River of Life

The Areola – This year we are honored to welcome our teacher DeAnna Batdorff 


The Lymphatic System- “Rasa” & Breast Health 

The lymphatic system plays an important role in our immunity.  In fact, it is also called the immune system. It clears waste from the body and is a key component in the development of healthy cells.  In Ayurveda the immune system is called Rasa river of life, when this lymph river is flowing our immunity is strong and we can fight infection and foreign invaders.  Unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart to pump it, the lymph moves only when we do.  The lymphatic system also transports hormones from one endocrine gland to another, so it supports the balance of  hormonal health.


There will be demonstrations on how to map the lymphatic system in your body with an emphasis on breast health. 

There will be time for Q &A about our breasts and immunity, massage assessments for experiential learning & what tools can support change and prevent diseases.  Students will leave having a clear understanding of the lymph system and how to keep it and their breasts healthy.