Ayana Young

Ayana Young is a lover and protector of wild nature, an restoration ecologist, and a podcast host. She was studying Ecology at Columbia University when the Occupy Wall Street movement began. Amid the triumphant madness of Zuccotti Park, she created the Environmental working group to help orient the movement to the realities of a suffering planet. From there she moved West to her beloved Cascadian bioregion, starting an organic farm and wild foods cartel on an Oregon mountaintop. In Portland, she had the fortune of learning from the great herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller before her passing. Ayana is currently studying Restoration of Natural Systems at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, while building an ecological research center in northern Mendocino county specializing in regrowing the great Redwood Forests

Ayana hosts For the Wild Podcast. The show features in-depth interviews with visionary thinkers and indigenous voices probing the convergent challenges—and unfolding solutions—of the Anthropocene. As a platform for the many movements toward environmental and social justice, we deconstruct the ruinous patterns of modern society and envision a path of integration in, and restoration of, the natural world.

Visit ForTheWild.World to learn more about the campaign to end old growth logging in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, the Redwood reformations project, Sisters Bonded in Action and the Podcast.