Awakening Your Inner Healer

Awakening Your Inner Healer
Do you wonder how you can create conditions for optimal healing for yourself?
Are you interested in discovering who your inner healer is?

Specifically, Dr. Mehta will be sharing on:
Practices to Awaken Your Inner Healer: meditation, visualization, self-observation, and meditation
How a spiritual understanding of your health is necessary to become empowered and treat the root causes
Understanding the root causes of illness and what you can do about them
Virtue medicine: The nectar of healing
Honoring the divine feminine and divine masculine, mother earth, and her medicines
Natural medicine from around the world: A comparison of different systems and how they can help you (Ie. Ayurveda, Natural Medicine, Astrology, and other Spiritual Perspectives on Medicine from Mystical traditions).
Foods, herbs, and plants to support of the Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Hormonal system, Skeletal system, Muscle system, Skin, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Urinary system, Reproductive system
Self-care Tips for Optimal Health


Awakening Your Inner Healer will be shared by Dr. Alexina Mehta