Aura-Soma and Private Vibrational Sound Ceremony with JoleneStar

Aura-Soma and Private Vibrational Sound Ceremony with JoleneStar

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out. It’s Time to FLY. You are your own song. You have Your own personal Vibration and Your Frequency is Yours to tune. Can you hear it deep within? Do not forget this. You are the only one that can listen to Your Souls Journey in this lifetime…and Color and Sound have the ability to open the gateway to go deep within to remember.
Be Your Own Spirit Warrior.

JoleneStar is the Owner of The Enchanted Heart: A Color and Sound Vibrational Wellness Center located in Ridgewood, NJ. Specializing in Deep Soul Work, Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony, Aura-Soma, Ritual Adornment and Creating Magic, Jolene was born to share A Greater Compassion with the World.

Jolene will be offering her signature Work of combining Chakra Mapping, Aura-Soma and Sound Ceremony to bring you back onto the path of the Heart within the Soul. She has been working with Aura-Soma since 2001 and is a firm believer in Vicky Walls work who channeled and developed this system. She believed that the Soul would recognize the colors that it was and the Messages, Frequencies and Vibrations needed in this exact moment of time. Vicky believed “If You Want to Remember; Come and See.”

Aura-Soma is a Color Care System of 115 bottles of Living Energies comprised of 49 different Organic Plants, Minerals and Crystals. Choosing and Using these Color Frequencies help shift and move stagnant energy through and out of The Souls Journey when applied to The Physical Body.

Jolene will also be offering Private Sound Ceremony to Activate, Enhance and Connect The Soul to Spirit. Join Jolene in the healing Village on A Cloud of Love.

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