Ask A Midwife

Being pregnant, planning for labor and birth, caring for a newborn, whether in the present, past or future, are all life experiences about which our modern day culture neglects to inform us. Our technological, medically=based society, and lack of experiential woman-centered learning has co-opted most women away from their innate knowledge, wisdom and trust in their ability to bring and sustain life into our world. The way of birth is no longer shared between mothers, aunts, sisters and the next generation. Fear is the number one inhibitor of an undisturbed, physiological birth. Knowledge and trust are power.

Many women don’t have open access to a birth professional with whom they can ask questions or discuss issues. This class will be an open forum for women to gather more information, or engage in discussion about any aspect of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care regardless of whether they are or ever have been pregnant. While there are an unlimited number of topics that can be discussed, here is a sampling of issues that may/could arise:
What is Empowered Birth? How can it be facilitated.
What is needed to facilitate normal physiological/undisturbed birth
Criteria to consider when choosing a care provider
What are the common prenatal tests offered, what do they measure and how useful/important are they.
Criteria to consider regarding who will be present during labor and birth.
The newborn’s world and how to facilitate his/her transition into life outside the mother.
Women with histories of sexual trauma preparing to give birth.
Cord blood banking
Interventions and their usefulness

My intention in sharing this class is for women to freely explore any questions or issues they may have which will enhance their sense of knowledge, and ability to powerfully claim their right of passage.

Ask A Midwife will be shared by Susan Cassel