“Tarot is a dream that stands still.” -Joanna Young

The illustrations comprising the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot’s 78 card deck are, in essence, a divination, with depictions of the Archetypes frozen in time. These images catapult us into the depths of the collective spectrum of embodied human experience, but they themselves are not often considered as embodied, “living” beings. They have been constrained in their card borders for far too long. Let’s break them out!
In this workshop, we will approach the Tarot through a wholistic framework by collectively envisioning a map of the Otherworld in which the Arana reside. Deconstructing the literal frames of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, we will explore the relationships between the cards by tracing landscapes, colors, weather systems, clothing, flora, fauna, and more. By observing the ways in which these characters hold community with one another, we can enhance our understanding of the Tarot by recognizing its members as autonomous parts of a collective whole. This approach inspires us to unlearn and re-construct our ideas and assumptions of the Archetypes in a curious and creative way.
Workshop participants will develop a radical understanding of the interpersonal relationships between the cards. Through practicing objective discernment and deeply creative non-linear thinking, as a group we will wonder: What are the clouds saying? Who made the dress worn by the High Priestess? Who carved the throne of the Queen of Cups? Is the tree in The Star the same tree found in the IV of Cups? There is endless joy within these creative prompts, and this workshop will guide our intuition closer to our creativity: after all, Tarot is, in some of its origin stories, a game— one that can allow our creativity and intuition to guide us closer to clarity and deep knowing.
16 person max, donations accepted.


Arcana Cartography: Creative Tools for Mapping the Tarot will be offered by Emily Hexe.