Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen

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Ann Nguyen is a homesteader with a love of flowers.

At the beginning of her homesteading journey Ann was an apprentice at Camp Joy Gardens, a small biointensive farm in Northern California, where she learned how to garden and how to grow food and flowers. During those days watching the dew rising from the gardens, picking plums from the goat shed roof, making dried flower wreaths, dreaming under the redwood canopy, and swimming in the neighborhood creek, she learned something else. She learned the value of beauty and how beauty comes softly into our lives and transforms us.

Since then, she has become devoted to cultivating beauty in her life through connecting to flowers. Every year, she grows numerous varieties of flowers from seed at her homestead in Applegate, Oregon and dries them to create floral artwork. Her dried floral creations can be found at local shops and online. She also shares her joy of flowers teaching numerous floral workshops throughout the Applegate valley. View more of her work at

Ann will be sharing Crescent Moon Wreath