Äni Clearmoon

Äni is guided by Spirit, raised in culture and traditional ways. She is Mescalero Apache, Yaqui and Armenian. With a rich history embedded in her she offers to the community education about her people. Art inspired from the ancestors. and healing modalities. She is a student to her Elders, and strives to keep traditions alive.

Ani spends her time actively working towards contributing to our environment. Through farming food, animism, ceremony, social justice activism and wildcrafting. Putting energy towards a healthier place for her child and all beings to thrive, She is an artist and creates many wears through ancient and modern mediums. She enjoys teaching and being taught. Expanding horizons and healing cultural divides. Her outlet for healing division is through crafting and teaching.

Come and join Äni and Tatiana for learning the craft of Corn husk doll making. Hearing stories and songs of Maize from their indigenous lineage.