Angela Thornton

Angela is a knitter and fiber worker hailing from the wet and tangled woods of the pacific northwest. She grew up among fairytales, folklore, activism, and storytelling, and from an early age was deeply drawn to creating things both useful and beautiful with her hands.

This passion stayed through adolescence and into adulthood, and has led to deep reflection and connection – focused through creating handknit garments for her company Morph Knitwear. By integrating new technologies into the aged art of knitting Angela has been able to commune with both her ancestral traditions as well as create new paths in the realm of clothing production, an aspect of life that has recently been so convoluted by outsourcing and mechanization. Taught by her mother and grandmothers how to shape a single strand of yarn into a wearable, beautiful garment, she honors past, present, and future in her daily work.

Her goal is to reconnect us all with the humanity, earthliness, and magic of clothing ourselves. Aside from producing her own line of clothing she teaches knitting within her community, is a practicing witch, a feminist and environmental activist, and a lover of nature.


Angela will be sharing Basic Knitting