Angela de la Agua

14468460_1135475889873225_6541740422488382489_oAngela de la Agua lives in the Joshua Tree desert. She is the Golden Oracle, a voice of the Divine Feminine radiating the energy of the Sun. She is a Priestess of Sacred Nourishment, sharing her joy for high-vibrational food and juices, all-ways.

She is devoted to a life of intention, finding the sacred in the mundane, creating ceremony in every moment of every day. She weaves together her Oracular voice, nourishing foods, and intentional living by holding sacred space for her local desert community, offering ceremonies for healing, connection, and awakening.

As a clear channel, she is passionate about both fasting and eating, and shares many teachings that come from the mindful relationships she’s developed with each. She juice fasts regularly for over 100 days at a time, while joyfully creating healing foods for others. Her time in the kitchen is always held in loving ceremony as she creates/communicates with high-vibrational foods, planting seeds of blessed intentions within every creation.

Angela’s ever-evolving path has shown her to be a Wayshower for this powerful time of the reemergence of the Divine Feminine, and her journey of expansion continues through deepened studies of the Oracle path, Divine Birth, astrology, and shamanic healing. It is always her intention to be in devotion to her own inner work, thus being a radiant source of healing life-force for all.

Most days one can find Angela with green juice stains on her dress, cacao under her fingernails, desert sand between her toes, the Sun shining in her eyes, and her laughter carried onward by the wind.

Devoted to inspiring others through the healing power of food, Angela will be vending vibrant raw desserts.

Angela is grateful to be returning for her 5th year and also sits on the Spirit Weavers Council.