Angela Cruz

Angela CruzAngela is an Energy Medicine Practitioner that shares her sacred work in many forms. She offers spiritual counsel for those that wish to create a deeper relationship with their Ancestors. She also offers healing work and shares ceremonies/rituals for those seeking to heal and release old traumas and patterns from past lives and Ancestral lineages. As her sacred offering for Spiritweavers, she will be sharing Ritual Dance classes. In these offerings, women as a community will explore the relationship of intentional dance and intentional music, prayer, and ceremony. Women will be dancing to remember once again the old ways. To support each other. To listen. To feel. To heal. Women will be dancing to remember their original prayer,

The Big Island of Hawaii is her home. It is a powerful source of energy on this planet in which Angela has been blessed by the potency of the flowing lava, the healing waters of the rivers and ocean, the beauty of Mauna Kea, and the rich soil that abounds. The energy of this island is quite compelling, and many have been called here to experience the transformative healing powers of this island. For those that wish to experience the potency of the Big Island and continue to do ceremonial healing work with Angela, she offers both private and group retreats.

Angela is offering Ritual Dance.