Soul Coaching, Chakra Clearing and Auric Healing with Andrea Firpo

Soul Coaching, Chakra Clearing and Auric Healing with Andrea Firpo

ANDREA FIRPO is a Psychic Cheerleader who is focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. With a background in psychology, feng shui, plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and psychic energetic healing, Andrea identifies the underlying source of any patterns inhibiting and undermining your sense of value and self-worth. Teaching simple, yet powerful energetic tools she has helped many women identify blocks, expand their intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in their lives. She is passionately devoted to helping women honor their unique self and wisdom within, and she strongly believes we are all just walking each other home.

Andrea also highlights the inspiring stories of incredible women rising and overcoming in her podcast, “Brilliance through Resilience.” She is a mother and wife, and surrounds herself with beauty in the Pacific Northwest, where she also loves to write and nurture in all forms. She is based in Portland, Oregon


Soul Coaching : Chakra Clearing : Auric Healing – 1 hour: $120

Project Healing – 20 minutes: $40

Relationship Healing – 20 minutes: $40


In the first 15-20 minutes, we’ll discuss what is present for you in your life and set an intention for your healing. This time may also include choosing an oracle card or cards for your guidance, as well as essential oils and crystal therapy which I am intuitively guided to share with you. I will then give you a healing combined of protecting and healing your grounding chord, as well as your aura, aligning and balancing your chakras, clearing out any energetic chording, and finally removing and returning any energy which is not yours. I will also bring your karma and agreements with people and situations into present time.

For the duration of our appointment, you will have the opportunity for an energetic healing on the intention we set together at the start of your session. As you speak your intention aloud, your energy and auric field shifts, allowing access to deep and lasting healing. I am now be able to clear all the energy surrounding your intention.

I will send you away with some supportive tools or homework which we both agree upon together.

Through a session with me, you are ready for what’s next in that part of your life within 3-4 days, as opposed to weeks through conventional counseling services.