Ancient Wisdom, Modern Fermentation

These ancient Korean ways of fermenting kimchi and making doenjang are threaded with modern wisdom of incorporating other nutrient rich medicines from the sea and with roots of the earth. Interwoven with these classes, dialogue will be created around the potency and importance of a collective fermentation of intentional ideas coming from the feminine energies. Like all fermentation, there is a bubbling effect that happens and often times the best medicines are the ones that are left to sit on a counter and cared for every day with love and intention. My offering would be intersecting the questions of how do we take more time to nourish ourselves through food as medicine and develop a practice that allow our ideas to, like fermentation, develop in potency to reach the wider collective. Students will walk away with recipes, a jar of kimchi, and lifelong connections for cultivating nourishment for self and community.


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Fermentation: Kimchi  will be shared by Jennifer Moonbrick.