Ancient Vitality

To walk in this world with confidence and dignity requires great wholeheartedness, to meet not just the daily challenges of modern life, but also the inescapable chaos, heartbreak, and intensity of being human. Fear, sorrow, depression, insecurity and overwhelm are calls to wake ourselves up and recognize the basic goodness and vitality of our Hearts, and our capacity to engage ourselves and others in a gentle, kind and daring way. To cultivate this ‘great wholeheartedness’ in our modern life, and bring our hearts fully and freshly to each day, not knowing what awaits us, is the call to Spiritual Fearlessness. Are we willing to create intimate relationship, genuine friendship, with our tender and bold hearts, to be more and more available to encounter the everyday magic of being human? This immersion in the noble lineages of Tibetan and Taoist view and practices, combined with Herbal Medicine teachings of the Three Treasures – Essence (Jing), Vitality (Chi), and Spirit (Shen) synchronize our minds, bodies and hearts, cultivating inner confidence, wholeheartedness and Vitality, so that we can be more ourselves, authentic, radiant human beings. These practices are cumulative, their effects potent. They are elegant, simple and profound. By receiving this direct experience, you will be able to develop a steady daily practice to stabilize your health, relationships and life work and to choose appropriate herbal adaptogenic plants to keep your self Vital. I invite you to enter this magical reality of basic goodness.


Ancient Vitality: Tibetan and Taoist Treasures will be shared by Madeleina Bolduc.