Ancient Vitality

Ancient Vitality: Fearlessness through Tibetan Yogas and the Taoist Three Treasures::

To walk in this world with confidence and dignity requires great wholeheartedness…to meet not just the daily challenges of modern life, but also to meet the inescapable chaos, heartbreak, and intensity of being a human.

How do we cultivate this ‘great wholeheartedness’ in our modern life? How do we bring our hearts fully and freshly to each day, not knowing what awaits us?

This is the call to Spiritual Fearlessness, which is the expression of a tender and daring heart available to encounter the everyday magic of being human.

Come experience the elegant, simple and profound practices of my Tibetan lineage, which quickly synchronize mind, body, and heart. These practices are supported by traditional teachings of the Taoist Three Treasures–Essence (Jing), Vitality (Chi), and Spirit (Shen)–which combine to stabilize inner confidence, natural vitality, and great wholeheartedness.

Through dedicated cultivation, we expand our capacity to embody vibrant nobility in our daily lives, expressed as steadiness, enthusiasm, and accomplishment. Come join me in the magical reality of basic goodness.

Ancient Vitality will be shared by Madeleina Bolduc