Ancient Intonation – Clay Instruments

The spirit of ancient musicians lingers through tradition, the mark of the makers hand preserved in the clay; our distant ancestors inspire us to build upon their inventiveness as an offering in the hands of the future. Discover the arts of modeling barro, arcilla, in the construction of ceramic musical instruments through the vast and interconnected Pre-Columbian technologies. With a theoretical foundation that is based on action, we understand how an instrument is a work that allows us to transform energy into sound. Starting from basic forms and the simple action of transforming clay, we model contemplated instruments to reach the most intimate part of the human being through its own expressiveness, conducive to the true initiation of spiritual connection.
Participants will explore creative power through reconnection with Pachamama, ancient voices, forgotten sounds, coming together to embody the healing art of music and clay. Using basic skills for ceramic productions such as handbuilding techniques each participant will form a unique instrument to take with them as an offering to the vast soundscapes of personal ritual and ceremony. The group will be encouraged to honor all experience, skills and techniques.


Ancient Intonation – Clay Instruments will be shared by Marisa Gavin.